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Nanomaterials: Regulations, standards, measurement advances and remaining challenges

Presenters: Heidi Goenaga-Infante, LGC Limited, Queens Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 0LY, United Kingdom

This short course will cover regulatory aspects of the use of engineered nanomaterials by industry, linked to the EU definition of nanomaterial, the related analytical needs and challenges as well as the measurement strategies and standards driven by those challenges. It will be divided into three parts as follows:

The first part of the course will cover key regulations, which have emerged from the increasing use of nanomaterials in several industrial applications (e.g. novel food, food contact materials, cosmetics, etc). It will also discuss the measurement capability needed to comply with those regulations and for future risk assessment.

The second part of the course will discuss advances in measurement capabilities for the characterisation of nanomaterials and their input on relevant standards. Focus will be on inorganic nanomaterials and on multi-modal platforms combining hyphenated ICP-MS with spectroscopy and microscopy techniques. Examples of key analytical challenges and recommendations for overcoming such challenges will be given through (i) the quantification and characterisation of metal oxide nanoparticles in food and cosmetics by asymmetrical field-flow-fractionation hyphenated to multiple detectors and (ii) the characterisation of nanomaterials released from medical devices by single particle ICP-MS for toxicology testing.

Finally, the short course will touch on measurement lessons learnt from international intercomparisons as well as highlight future measurement requirements and associated challenges. It will also provide the attendees with information on the existing reference materials for method development and validation and discuss remaining gaps for matrix/measurand combinations.

The course presentation will be informal allowing for questions or remarks from the participants to be raised and discussed at any time.


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