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Domaine du CINQUAU                                                                     Salle_1.jpg

The European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrometry Hot Plasma Party (sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific) will be held in the traditional wine producing château “Domain Cinquau” surrounded by superb views of the Béarn countryside. The domain, held by the same family for more than 400 years and 17 generations, produces exquisite Jurançon white dry and - more sought after - sweet wines. The latter is characterized by beautiful golden “robe” and develops aromas of tropical fruit such as pineapple and mango; the grapes – including Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng and Petit Courbu varieties - are hand selected well into October and November to ensure the best quality. The Jurançon wine has been particularly linked to the history of Béarn - the famous King Henry IVth, the founder of the Bourbon dynasty was baptised with a drop Jurançon wine by his grandfather (1553). 

You will be able to enjoy the rich atmosphere of this special place tasting not only some of the finest local wines, but also the best cuisine the Béarn region has to offer. The typical specialities include duck breast, rack of lamb, foie gras, salade landaise (mixed salad with duck foie gras, duck breast and gizzards) and a poule au pot, a type of pot-au-feu famous for having been the King Henry's favourite. The party will be animated by a local orchestra playing popular traditional and contemporary tunes.

For history and literature lovers: The three musketeers - Athos, Porthos et Aramis - met there for the first time in 1620 in the Domain Cinquau to take part in a celebration of the new hunting season after the King Louis XIII had conferred knighthood upon one of the members of the Cinquau family.
Do not hesitate to join us for a memorable evening of fun, networking, good food and music !


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